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i dye my hair red to feel powerful

No one would believe it now but I was a huge tomboy for a great deal of my younger years. Throughout high school, I literally wore sweatpants everyday of the week. Why? Because I wanted to be comfortable all of the time.


You can often find me binging on netflix while editing photos and drinking wine or Coffee like it is water. I love fast cars, the beautiful Colorado outdoors, and ice cream in the winter time like a true Colorado native. I enjoy rock music, and all food like there is no tomorrow. I am extremely driven; when i set my mind to something, there is no stopping me.


Photography is literally the best thing that i ever could have started for myself. I had no idea messing with my sisters camera after high school and snapping photos of randomness all the time would lead to…. “Hey, Would you be interested in taking our family photos?” From there the rest is history. Photography is an undying passion for me it never turns off...which is amazing, i always am looking for bigger and better captures



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