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Upon meeting me, you'd never guess that I started out a shy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little kid. It wasn't until I was a teenager that i became quite the "Social Butterfly".


I am an avid dirt-bike rider, a massive space nerd (ask my wife), mechanic and beer can maker. My first camera was a nikon 35mm film camera which I used throughout my schooling. That camera helped me develop an eye for photography and began my journey. With the advent of personal cameras like the Go-Pro and drones, I started focusing more on cinematography. Now, like Cori, I spend most of my time behind the lens of a camera capturing the moments that you love most.


I love beer, especially Colorado crafted beer. I am obsessed with Mexican foods like tamales, Churros, and the occasional horchata. I have a mind like a steel trap often remembering the smallest of details while forgetting what supposed to be on this week's grocery list. Typical husband!


When I am not making beer cans or riding, you can typically find me working on my dirt-bike or hanging out with my rad father-in-law.


My all-time favorite things to capture are the "in-between" moments; the moments you least expect. While Cori is busy setting up the perfect shot, I can find side-smile or secret glance that often leads to a great candid shot. I believe that those photos help capture that person at their best. As far as cinematography goes, without a question I find that aerial footage is the best enabling you to utilize the three axis of space.


Plus I am pretty good at carrying stuff! Cori calls me her packmule.



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