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The Gates Family | Denver Colorado Family Photographer




I am so incredibly excited to share this family session with you all. The gates are such rockstars and I love it, they have two very handsome little kiddos in their lives. When Jessica reached out to me looking for a fun artsy shoot don't get me wrong I was a little nervous on how to deliver this... But with lots of searching in the photography community I feel we found the perfect spot to capture their true colors. The boys were a bit shy at first but the colors and amazing art they got to experience really made things quite exciting for everyone. What a treat it was running around with this beautiful family documenting their lives. 

Stepping into the Gates Family a bit more I found out Jessica is a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist for 15 years. I know everyone is probably thinking what is this? So If you are interested please Head over to the Blog linked here (Dragonfly Pediatric Speech Therapy). I think it is a very important topic to get out there! A lot of people don't even know that this is an issue and I think its very important to have the ability to find this knowledge if it is needed. I have quite a few friends with little kiddos and we want to make sure this very important issue Is addressed if you notice things about your kiddos. 

Thank you for allowing us to step into your world for a day and document what your life is all about. Families are one of my favorite things to capture... They are a messy ball of perfection and that is was makes a family. To many happy years ahead Gates Family. 

Cheers, Cori!