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Denver Birth Photographer at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center | Baby Brylo's Birth Story


Denver Birth Photographer at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center |  Baby Brylo's Birth Story

It doesn't seem long ago that Jessica and i first connected, and met for some coffee at Starbucks so i could get to know her and her little man Lucas. We hit it off so well, i just knew that everything about this journey was going to be so amazing. I had never photographed a birth before, and this was about to be the first. 

I personally do not have any children and many people thought i was crazy for doing what i was about to do.... But for some reason i just got the whole reason behind why women want this to be captured. I always wanted to do something in the medical field... I wanted to be a vet technician for a very long time but decided to leave that field after working somewhere for 5 years and photography just was making a different turn that required more of my time, that the job could not allow me to have. I contemplated being a nurse, but that wasn't a good fit either. After this birth i think i've found right where i should be in the field of medicine, as a Birth photographer. All the ladies from the Mountain Midwifery birth center helped me realize this the night of my first birth. 

On February 6th, 2018 at 10:30am

i missed a phone call, followed quickly by a text..." Water broke". I was at work and quickly responded to her for more info. it was going to be a wait until we knew more. 

At 2:45 - I packed up my stuff at work and headed to grab my cameras from home and race over to the MMC ( Mountain Midwifery Center). Arriving there i found mama just walking around the building in hopes, she would be meeting her baby in just a few. 

The best part about capturing this birth was slowing down the amazing moments like The Heart Beat...that way this mama can remember the last moments before her pregnancy was over. Most Birth photographers only do photos but i wanted to incorporate video in every way possible as well. 

The midwife center ended up sending this mama home at about 3:40pm, and we were back at 5:15pm. After we were back she hopped in the tub to help bring comfort and maybe speed it up a bit.... AND OH BOY DID IT!!!!!!!! She had no plan to birth her baby in the tub but it ended up to be that way! She had warned me many times that once she hits a certain point in labor that is goes FAST!!!! 

I've never in my life seen a women handle something so calmly and amazingly... Yes this mom screamed while pushing as best she could, but never did she say "I cant". She had full confidence in herself and her body. She pushed for about 12 minutes total with very few pushes and before she knew it her baby was out.  This mama had no troubles what so ever during the birthing process. They decided to not know the sex of the baby for the whole pregnancy...... How you do that??? i have no idea lol! That takes an intense amount of patience, which I DO NOT HAVE!!!! 

She welcomed into the world the most beautiful baby girl at 6:40pm. Naming her Blakely, which i absolutely LOVE!

The moment this momma turned around to meet her and the look on her face was absolutely priceless! Instanly the most beautiful smile! 

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Blakely did not cry hardly at all from the time she arrived to when we all headed home at 11:30Pm... She was even falling asleep while breastfeeding each time (priorities haha).

 This was seriously the absolute highest honor EVER by being included in such an amazing moment in this beautiful families life! 

The weeks leading up to this birth i was so terrified to miss a phone call. I was overwhelmed with business stuff and full time job stuff i was so tired constantly. My volume on my phone was LITERALLY on full blast with a crazy hard rock metal song set as the ringtone. Every-time i got a text during the day from this mama, my heart started pounding in a good way! I watched birth videos every extra moment i got, we texted ideas back and forther hoping to prepare as much as we could. 

A birth is kinda like a wedding.... Its something you cant redo. Ya weddings have more of a timeline and idea but there is no turning back if you screw up. 

Showing up for this birth and setting up to see your name on a list as someone to call for such an important moment is amazing! Yes birth is VERY personal... Yes, birth photography isn't for everyone, but WOW is it an amazing feeling to be apart of it. I was so excited for this moment!!! 

This momma let me learn so much about birth and the process of it. Like the placenta, and vernix being important for the babies skin (Like Lotion). I am so grateful for this momma bringing me into this moment, and I CANNOT wait for the next one! 

Thank you Brylo Family! I cannot wait to watch you guys grow and change over the years!