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Hannah and Collin + Baby Ruger | Evergreen Colorado Engagement Photos at Elk Meadow Park


We had the MOST AMAZING time taking photos of Hannah and Collin, + Baby Ruger at Evergreen Colorado's Elk Meadow Park. There is something so magical about a snowy Colorado engagement session. Hannah and Collin brought their A-game for this day, as Colorado was throwing 40 ish mile per hour winds at us. Hannah and Collin's love for each other is just absolute perfection!!!! They met at the Gym. Collin was working with Hannah's coach at the time, when she was training for a bodybuilding show. They both have a great passion and drive for fitness. We just love their dedication for the Gym. 

When asking Hannah behind the scenes what her favorite thing about Collin was. She said, " I love how passionate and caring he is. He is VERY family oriented and so driven to work towards their future family." 

When asking Collin behind the scenes what his favorite thing about Hannah was. He said, " I love her undying love and passion for their family. She is the most driven person i have ever met, anything Hannah wants to do she will make sure it gets done." Collin then proceeded to add that they literally made the perfect team, and can/ will tackle anything that comes their way. 

As you can see they are perfection just as Two people.... But then Ruger came along..... Let me tell you about little baby Ruger. As i am sure most of you know we have a German Shepherd and i absolutely Love the breed (Kevin and I both). So when Hannah and Collin got Little Ruger naturally i was SO excited to meet him and photograph their little family at their engagement session. As you can see from these photos, their love comes so naturally.

Hannah & Collin thank you for fighting through the wind at this Engagement session. We truly are so excited for your wedding day to come, and to continue to watch you guys grow as a Family! 

See You in October! 


Cori & Kevin! 

OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!! So freaking adorable RIGHT???? 


The Awkward German Shepherd Ear Stages 

When it gets to wind and cold you say screw it and leave your nice warm jackets on!