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Traveling Photographer | The Johnson Family - Jackson, Wyoming

Traveling Photographer | The Johnson Family - Jackson, Wyoming

Kevin and i generally make our way to at least one new place each year. So why not Jackson, Wyoming?? When selecting this location i had been REALLY itching to photograph someone while out there. Well with a little help from instagram and the hashtag #JacksonWyoming, we did just that! 

I reached out to a wonderful Lady named Lindsey about the potential opportunity to have us photograph her or her family while visiting Jackson, without it seeming super creepy i would want to do this haha. Lindsey was delighted and said, "Yes"!!! Come to find out Lindsey is an amazing Baker in Jackson, her business is The Lady in The Wild West. Kevin and i were searching for the Famous Grand Tetons in the background, amazingly enough the Tetons can be seen from The Johnson's Home... But Of course for our whole trip it snowed. Despite that it  was even better than we could have imagined.

From the moment we pulled up in The Johnson's driveway we had never felt more welcomed. The kids were thrilled to meet us as we were welcomed into their home with zero hesitation. They have Three sweet kiddos, a cat, some chickens, and even brand new ducklings we got to hold (OH EM GEE)! Despite all the snow, high winds, and freezing temps, we quickly captured some images they will treasure for a lifetime. With Three freezing cold kiddos you all know how hard that can be, but i (Cori) made sure i was running as fast as i could to keep the kids warm by chasing me. 

We cannot Thank The Johnson Family enough for welcoming us into their beautiful home with open arms. Now days that can especially be uneasy, but i am so happy you trusted us to be the ones to capture your family. We seriously cannot wait to see you guys on our next trip out to Jackson. 

Lots of Love
Cori & Kevin