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Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado Wedding Photographer | Joachim & Helena | 7.2.17

Aspen Colorado Wedding Photographer at Maroon Bells Amphitheater

Busy is an understatement for me anymore, and trust me I am just fine with It. The difficult part is balancing a 40 hour work week plus photography, but thankfully for the most amazing clients they are so understanding and patient with me knowing I will deliver on the best for them. I am super new to this blogging thing so this wedding isn't recent but is in 2017. We are starting to book our 2018 year and I could not be more excited and decided I need to blog about these weddings from 2017 that hold such beautiful memories in my book. 

Meet Helena & Joachim!! 

I've known Helena since middle school... Watched here go through Pregnancy and life with a newborn and getting the great honor to photograph these major events in her life! So when wedding became a question for her it was a no brainer that I was absolutely honored to do so! 

Helena is so outgoing and stunning it blows me away, she is never afraid to take on a new challenge in life such as being a mom, becoming a Nurse, or just being her true self.   

You can see in the moments as she preps to Marry the man of her dreams there was no stress just happiness this day had finally arrived. 

I had never been to Maroon Bells and oh boy was this a Treat for a Major wedding of ours. If you haven't yet been you MUST GO!!!! The beauty is unreal and the pictures aren't even believable after you capture them. They all look like paintings its just insane! 

The love between this little family just makes me so happy. It is so good seeing the people you love grow and change and become so happy with their lives. Helena is so lucky to be able to have her little baby boy apart of her amazing Day. And oh did Colorado make sure everything was absolutely perfect until the very last minute! I wish i could share every last moment of this day but i think i would overload the internet! 

I wish you and Joachim the most amazing future! 

Cant wait to do Cake smash photos in March!!!! 

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With Love -Cori