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Travel | The Gee's Take on Florida 2017

Travel | The Gee's take on Florida yet Again | 2017 

Traveling has become an unspoken love for Kevin and I. The first real test of traveling together was a trip to Cape Canaveral, FL with The Gee Family in 2015. Surprisingly, we do quite well traveling together. Most of the time people stress and fight but not us. We seem to default back to Florida each October kinda as an Anniversary trip. We have full plans every time to check out something new and never keep things the same. We of course visit old favorites but always adding 5-10 new things to the list. Living in Colorado when winter starts to roll around we tend to want one last stretch of warm weather. 

Our Trip started off staying at Kevin's Parents house in The Cocoa area and then moving on to Fort Myers, and back to Cape Canaveral area to finish it off.

Some of our favorite places Sight Seeing Touristy things we did: 

Our Favorite Food spots: 

These all are just some of the favorite things we experienced while in Florida. We honestly aren't planning to be back in Florida next year, I think we are going to change things up a Bit! But shhhh I am not telling where we are going just yet... You'll just have to wait and see what next year brings us!

While visiting Fort Meyers we Stayed at this Amazing little place called "The beach Pub"! I highly recommend staying here. They rent out 2 perfect yet small apartments above the bar... VERY convenient for anything and everything, I don't think I will ever stay anywhere else again and not make it beach front. The whole time we were there we didn't get in the car once, just walked everywhere. The great benefit in that is more drinks and amazing finds, like sand dollars. :) Kevin and I both LOVE LOVE LOVE Fort Myers area after visiting and have full plans to go back one day..

All images in the this Blog will be available for purchase and of course there will be more not included in this blog in the gallery (click here). Please feel free to ask us questions about this awesome adventure. 

Kevin & Cori 

 Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with wedding day and first year in the picture frame! 

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with wedding day and first year in the picture frame!