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I'm glad you want to know more about us.... Because we really would like to know more about you too! We are a Husband & Wife Wedding & Lifestyle photography team, based out of Colorado's beautiful Front Range. 

We view photography as a way of capturing a person's essence, their true personality. Do you ever see someone's facebook post of new family photos and, in that moment, you can see what was happening during that session? The dog running around and the kid screaming? In that very small moment, that photographer caught a perfect glimpse of the family. That is the style of photography we LOVE most. We want to see the real you and a glimpse into your life for a moment. 

What truly makes RattTrap Artistry unique is the fact that we love capturing personalities; we don't just capture people, we also capture the things you love most to make those memories last a lifetime

Cori Surratt

My name is Cori, the Owner/Photographer of RattTrap Artistry, LLC.

Here is a Glimpse into my life

"No one would believe it now but I was a huge tomboy for a great deal of my younger years. Throughout high school, I literally wore sweatpants everyday of the week. Why? Because I wanted to be comfortable all of the time.

I got my first camera (which was my dad's old film camera) during my freshman year of high school and began the darkroom film class they offered. It was a love/hate relationship with that class. I loved the darkroom but hated the assignments as I struggled being told what to photograph and how to see the world through my lens. Early on, I knew I had a different view and the instincts to chase the most interesting image. 

Colorado is my home forever and always and though I've often thought it might be cool to move somewhere new, every time I turn around Colorado gives me something vibrant and more beautiful than I could ever imagine. It would also be tough to leave my family as I value them the most in life. That is why I take such great pride in capturing memories for families like yours and why I strive to show your individuality in each photo I take.

On October 31st, 2015, I married my best friend and life partner after many years of swearing we would NEVER even date. We have a very simple life together: two dogs, cars, dirt bikes, and LOTS of camera stuff. Axle is my 5 year old German Shepherd, the face next to me in almost every photo backing RattTrap Artistry, and Oscar is Kevin's 10 year old Australian Shepherd that can be quite fast and crazy when he wants to be. We own a 1960's house in Lakewood full of family history, and we are constantly working on remodeling which can be quite crazy with our two very busy schedules. 

I am currently 23 years old, working at a garage door company as a service manager hoping to eventually work into photography full time. 

I love wine, smothered bean burritos, fast cars, and ice cream in the winter time like a true Colorado native. I enjoy rock music, leaning on towards the heavier side which helps motivate me while editing photos. I am extremely driven; when i set my mind to something, there is no stopping me. 

My all-time favorite thing to photograph is skyscapes; photographing them has become my signature style. I love to wake up early, drink coffee and snap a few photos of the Colorful Colorado skies as the world starts to move. My other passions include taking very detailed macro-photos, especially ring photos (insert emoji with hearts in the eyes), landscape shots, and, of course, people." 

Stay up-to-date on all of Kevin & I's adventures through life by following our blog. I will have everything from recipes, DIY projects, traveling and home improvement tips

Kevin Gee 

My names Kevin and I am proud to be the partner-in-crime to my wife Cori & RattTrap Artistry. I grew up in Golden, Colorado, where I studied 4 years of photography in high school.
I've always had a passion for photography & cinematography but it wasn't until we started dating that my passion for photography was re-ignited as I had mainly been focusing on cinematography. I am thankful for what my wife has created with RattTrap Artistry and I am honored to be apart of it. 

Here is a Glimpse into my world

"Upon meeting me, you'd never guess that I started out a shy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little kid. It wasn't until I was a teenager that i became quite the "Social Butterfly". 

I am an avid dirt-bike rider, a massive space nerd (ask my wife), mechanic and beer can maker. My first camera was a nikon 35mm film camera which I used throughout my schooling. That camera helped me develop an eye for photography and began my journey. With the advent of personal cameras like the Go-Pro and drones, I started focusing more on cinematography. Now, like Cori, I  spend most of my time behind the lens of a camera capturing the moments that you love most. 

I love beer, especially Colorado crafted beer. I am obsessed with Mexican foods like tamales, Churros, and the occasional horchata. I have a mind like a steel trap often remembering the smallest of details while forgetting what supposed to be on this week's grocery list. Typical husband! 

When I am not making beer cans or riding, you can typically find me working on my dirt-bike or hanging out with my rad father-in-law. 

My all-time favorite things to capture are the "in-between" moments; the moments you least expect. While Cori is busy setting up the perfect shot, I can find side-smile or secret glance that often leads to a great candid shot. I believe that those photos help capture that person at their best. As far as cinematography goes, without a question I find that aerial footage is the best enabling you to utilize the three axis of space."

Cori & I are dedicated to providing a photography service that is professional yet shows who you really are. 
Jump on over to our client area for a look at the styles that best exemplify our growing business. 

We hope to work with you in the near future! :)